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Current Projects

Village at Belmar, Lakewood CO

60 active/independent flats, 24 memory care, 72 assisted living membership/rental continuum


Project Development Completed; Actively Engage on Operations Management Team

Notable Real Estate Firm

Engaged as Strategic Adviser to Diversify Nationally Notable Real Estate Firm into the Senior Living space.

Active Adult

Recently completed engagement as Strategic Advisor to Nationally Notable MF property management company entering Active Adult space.

The Verandah, Minden NV

90 IL congregate, 40 AL, programming flexibility within the design

Next Gen Active Adult/Independent Lifestyle Enriched Campus

In Project Design/Programming and Stage

Completed Projects

Casey’s Pond, Steamboat Springs CO

The Offering: Fee engagement to develop/market/operate a rental CCRC, including inheriting an existing SNF to be closed down and re-created within the continuum    
Research: Quantitative research was conducted by two expert firms, supplemented by qualitative mail survey and locally facilitated focus groups
The Project: Rental CCRC with IL, AL, MEM, SNF on an approximately 4-acre parcel with great exposure
The Unforeseen: Projected primary market area (PMA) was 2 1/2 counties; the reality check -- the PMA was a 40-mile radius from the site
The Success: The community was built and has integrated into the residential and healthcare delivery system for market-based seniors and also serves local adult children with out-of-market senior parent(s) 

The Transcending Values:


  • The size of the project was dictated by the market research; extensive qualitative research did not unveil the true challenge of penetrating the mindsets of local seniors, adult children, and health practitioners who were taking much longer to grasp the "first of its kind" senior living community

  • You need to step way outside the box and be creative in order to find the market when half of it dissipates from original projections

  • This community strongly benefits from financial engineering leading a successful pathway to financial self-sufficiency

The Lodge at Sierra Sunrise Village, Chico CA

The Offering: Served as Project Development Manager, Marketing Manager, and Operations Facilitator
Research: Sponsored focus groups with retired university professors for 14 months prior to grand opening
The Project: Rental CCRC with IL, AL, SNF/chronic, rehab; the project was situated amidst a 100-acre, age-restricted, master-planned community; included a mix of market-rate and lower-income seniors
The Unforeseen: Market demand was wildly greater than anyone had projected
The Success: Occupancy was at 100% at grand opening and was supported by a healthy wait list

The Transcending Values: 

  • Seek out constituency groups to market to; this community had a preordained group, which included  retired California State University professors and local teachers who were seeking a new way to live

  • Creative financing included the land owner investing the property value and the city’s housing authority contributing capital

  • You can successfully merge market-rate and lower-income seniors within a single community

  • Outdoor amenities including walking trails and paths are compelling to enhance quality of life 

  • Co-branding (CSU Chico) supports marketing and continuing education supports quality of life 

Promenade on the River, Reno NV

The Offering: Deep-dive assessment of two connected and wood-framed, four-story buildings that were designed as 13 separate 6,000-square-foot condominiums that failed to pre-sell. The property, which sat idle for nine years after its construction, is situated in Nevada’s oldest residential neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places
Research: Re-zoning achievable; structural/architectural conversion achievable; market potential
The Project: 84 luxury independent congregate living units with 21,000 square feet of amenities and two parking garages
The Unforeseen: The newly created community opened up one month after 9/11, with nearly 40% pre-leased
The Success: It became the market leader in Northern Nevada for independent congregate living and exceeded a 50% profit operating margin


The Transcending Values:

  • Be prepared for everything (earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist acts, and the unknown)

  • Don’t be shy to approach your banker when you’re confronting a catastrophe

  • Becoming the market leader is a great journey; staying there requires equal dedication

  • You can successfully take away market share from your competitors

  • Co-branding (University of Nevada) is a powerful marketing attribute

  • The location was stellar yet also “hidden” and required many marketing tactics to draw attention

Life Bridge Church Master Planned Campus, Longmont CO

The Offering: Fee engagement; raw land; idealism to create a masterful, livable, integrative campus    
Research: Market potential; Site Feasibility; Mapping out a continuum campus of IL, AL, MEM, SNF
The Project: Engagement by a 5000-member mega-church’s leadership to participate in the creation of a 115-acre master-planned residential “village” that would include relocating the church, creating housing for its constituency, a town center, and 30 acres devoted to an aging-in-place senior living campus
The Unforeseen: Challenges with zoning and municipal annexation; snafu in the 2009-2010

economic meltdown
The Success: Not applicable. The project did not come to fruition 

The Transcending Values:

  • The size of the master project was significant and there was no opportunity to apportion the entire 115 acres to focus independently on the senior living component

  • Participated with top notch planners and learned insight into organizing a very large parcel for function, traffic, landscape architecture, ingress/egress; gained perspective on massing a large site

Virginia Creek Continuing Care, Gardnerville (The Carson Valley) NV

The Offering: Served as Co-Owner, Developer, Marketing Agent, Operations Facilitator
Research: Third-party quantitative research was supplemented with qualitative focus groups, survey, and

town gatherings
The Project: Rental CCRC with IL, AL, MEM, SNF/chronic, rehab; the project was situated on 10 acres within a 30-acre master-planned community; the market secondary tier /100,000 total population
The Unforeseen: Market demand was wildly greater than anyone had projected
The Success: Occupancy reached 93% within nine months of the grand opening; The community became the market leader.

The Transcending Values:    

  • Secondary Tier Geographic Markets with 100,000+ total population and substantive senior and adult child HH pool with little and/or inferior competition can be more opportunistic than suburban markets (“small fish/small pond” can work)

  • Study in-migration patterns, especially when bordering states with high income taxes when your location has none

  • Co-branding with a credible healthcare system and adjacency to an out-patient/MOB is powerful

  • Drive-by exposure offers huge marketing advantages

Senior Living Community, Southern Oregon

The Offering: Fee Engagement; existing not-for-profit IL/AL community; older building/interiors  
Research: Assembled a formidable team to conduct a deep-dive community assessment for market dynamics, state of interiors, exterior, systems, equipment, marketing/sales, operations management
The Project: IL/AL rental community; hospital-owned/sponsored; Asset Disposition; IRR analysis for continued investment and improved stewardship, or sell 
The Unforeseen: Limited capital budget; limited sense of stewardship
The Success: Conclusion proved favorable to make a capital investment to shore up the community so it could effectively serve its senior residents and thrive competitively 

The Transcending Values:

  • Stewards (owners and boards) need to take responsible roles to support local management

  • Conscientious and caring staff goes a long way, but people are also visual and lack of attention to buildings, interiors, and the grounds become obvious concerns for prospects and referral sources

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